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Developing the young workforce - ayrshire

Ayrshire has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in Scotland.


Today in Scotland there are young people not in work or in education, waking up each morning wondering if their community has any need for them.


The Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce, which was established by the Scottish Government in January 2013, highlighted the need for concerted action to tackle the problem of structural and recurring youth unemployment.


Developing the Young Workforce Ayrshire has been set up to implement the Commission’s recommendations at a local level for the benefit of young people and our economy.

To meet these challenges, the Commission developed a wide ranging set of recommendations. These cover:


  • Better preparing school leavers for the world of work
  • College education focused on employment and progression in learning
  • Modern Apprenticeships focused on higher level skills and industry needs
  • More employers engaging with education and recruiting more young people
  • Advancing equalities

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Why DYW?

1. Simplify

Simplify Engagement with Education


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3. partnership

Work in partnership to develop trained and motivated young people


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5. Streamline

Work closely with public and private sector to streamline employer offers


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2. Experience

Ensure access to high quality work placements (16-24years)


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4. Training

Easier for employers to source pre-employment training tailored to industry needs


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